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Summer is Moving Season

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If you are moving this summer, chances are you spent the spring planning for your next military move and will spend a good part of the summer physically packing, traveling, unpacking, and settling into your new location. What a great challenge this can be to your familyís financial, emotional, and physical resources. Moving can be so exhausting that sometimes the thought of just looking for the right supports or resources can be overwhelming. MilitaryINSTALLATIONS (MI) takes the stress out of your move by putting great information and resources right at your fingertips through your computer or mobile device.

MI contains comprehensive information on over 290 major installations and 100 smaller locations. It provides links to Military OneSource, Additional Resources, installation specific information, and local community information.

Do you have a critical question that needs an immediate answer? One click or phone call to Military OneSource, and/or your new installationís Relocation Assistance Manager will help answer that question. Military OneSourceís contact information is on every page of MI in the upper right hand column. Military OneSource consultants can be reached 24/7/365 via telephone at 1-800-342-9647 or through email. They can help answer any question - from housing, to household goods, to child care, to a recommendation for a new ballet school for your daughter - and there is no charge for their services. Contact information for installation Relocation Assistance Managers is provided through MI.

MIís Additional Resources provide information on topics such as Housing, Household Goods, Local Community Information, Financial Planning, Employment, Child Care, Education, Moral, Welfare, and Recreation, and Special Circumstances such as special needs. Under these headings are links to the official DoD related resources. If you have housing questions or challenges, for example, the Housing topic provides information on new home buying and lending rules, links to making temporary lodging reservations, and information on the new permanent change of station (PCS) financial assistance available from the Homeowners Assistance Program. You can also access articles with important tips and advice on specific topics such as shipping your privately owned vehicle (POV) or creating a high value inventory.

Suppose you have moved to a new area and need to find all the commissaries in your vicinity? MI can help. Under Programs and Services, if you select Commissaries, Exchanges, or any of the other sixty listed programs or services, you can search by installation, zip code, or mileage range and MI will generate full contact information, including mapping instructions.

If you do not live near an installation and are a member of the Guard and Reserves or a geographically dispersed active duty member or family, do not be discouraged. MI has extensive state information on military resources down to the local community level. Simply type in a state name on the MI homepage and the next page will contain a brief overview of that state. You can find your State Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) coordinator in the upper left hand corner of the page. If you go to the State Resource Directory tab, you will see numerous dropdown boxes listing over 2,000 military resources nationwide. By selecting the State Installations tab at the top of the screen you can find links to all the installations in your state (maybe one close by that you do not know about). You can research local community neighborhoods, schools, crime statistics, and much more under the Local Community Information tab.

There is an abundance of information available in MI to help you through your move. Sign on and explore all that MI provides to support you and your familyís acclimation to your new community.

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